What is natural is beautiful…
Hygienic, eye-warming and with low-porosity, ceramics are the mark of an unbounded imagination adding life and colour to your home.
All our products are manufactured using natural, clean and hygienic raw materials. Raw materials that have been prepared for use in production are placed into moulds of the desired shape.
After the raw materials have been removed from their moulds and have dried, they are burnished and retouched as necessary. The first baking then commences at 1080°C.
Products to be used for biscuit baking are glazed using the underglaze method or, if requested, they can be glazed by being immersed in clear, opaque or coloured glazes. In such instances the products are then baked for a second time at 1060°C.
Furthermore, if a product has not been decorated with the underglaze method, it is decorated with decals using the serigraph technique and baked for the third time at 820°C.
During the baking stages, deviations from the necessary temperatures reduces the quality and life-span of the product. Therefore, we take great pains to ensure that the required temperature is maintained within the kilns.
Our products can be used safely at your dining table and are dishwasher and microwave safe.